2022 - 2023 Committees for FASD

Volunteers are vital to the success of FASD. The association better serves all members because of those that contribute their skills and expertise to lead our Committees.

A special thank you to all of the committee members for their sustained energy and enthusiastic involvement in ensuring the success of FASD!


Conference and Awards Committee is charged with selecting the most appropriate candidates for their outstanding roles throughout the association as well as their special district. In addition, these members work closely with FASD staff to plan each year's Annual Conference.

Chair: Kim Eikov
Advisor: Tanya Quickel
Committee Members: Maryellen Crowder, Jeff Devine, Mary Hickey, Amy Tracy, Burgess Hanson, Julie Peluso, Joe DeCerbo, Jim Millican, Chelsea Oakes



Education and Certification Committee expands all educational aspects of FASD with the already established Certified District Manager and Certified District Official Programs and develop and deliver quality educational programs to all levels of the special district network through multiple media.

Chair: Kevin Hart
Advisor: Mary Hickey
Committee Members: Rena Smart, David Hoel, Burgess Hanson, Eric Jackson, Joe DeCerbo, James Angle, Lee Morris, Amy Tracy, Susan Lindenmuth



Finance and Strategic Planning Committee serves as an oversight team for FASD by providing recommendations to the Board and feedback as to the impact of financial matters, budget preparation, expenditures, revenue projections and investments. Committee members provide detailed guidance and leadership to the Board to enable FASD to be fiscally responsible and to operate in accordance with state and IRS guidelines.

Chair: Tanya Quickel
Committee Members: President Jim Millican, President-Elect Kevin Hart, Chris Shoemaker, Scott Sanford



Legislative Committee assists the Legislative Team, Executive Director, President, and membership to prioritize FASD legislative initiatives.

Chair: Dave Cambareri
Advisors: David Ramba, Laura Jacobs Donaldson, Chris Lyon, Maggie Mooney
Committee Members: Mike Choate, Keith Jordano, Chris Shoemaker, Steve Lohan, Aaron Lloyd, Doug Underwood, Max Miller, Jim Millican



Membership and Technology Committee closely works with the Executive Director's office and Board President to discuss, formulate, and implement strategies for membership recruitment and retention, membership promotions, membership benefits, and networking opportunities through strategic initiatives and skillful use of technology.

Chair: Justin McBride
Committee Members: Jim King, David Hoel, James Angle, Lee Morris, Betty Argue, Doug Underwood, Amy Tracy, Susan Lindenmuth



Nominating Committee observes FASD membership to obtain qualified candidates for consideration for Officer and Director available positions maintaining the representative membership categories. They select one candidate for each position available on the Slate of Officers and Directors in accordance with the FASD Bylaws and Annual Meeting preparation timeline. 

Chair: Tanya Quickel
Committee Members: Rena Smart, Kevin Hart, Scott Sanford


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